Our customers make us who we are, so happy customers are our thing! Check out what some of them have said about our products...


"I got my first 1st lip kit at a entrepreneur workshop for girls. The lip balm flavor was yummy. I was totally surprised this was made by a kid." ~Journey, Age 7

"To be honest, I love IT Girl products! It really does what it's supposed to do and moisturizes sensitive skin and the smells are amazing." ~ Damiya, a Virginia Beach, VA IT Girl

"The products are cool. I'm glad to use natural products on my skin." ~Jala, age 12, Virginia

"Great products. I really love the lip scrub and balm. The scrub leaves my lips very smooth and soft. The balm stays on for hours. The bath scrubs and salts are so good. Great Brand. Good job. You're not just selling a product, you're selling a good product." ~Tiffanie T., Hyattsville, MD

"It Girl Essentials came to Ivy League Christian Academy to educate and pamper the 6th grade girls. Fun time! Great presentation and products! Very impressive! Thank you Chailea!"

~ Ruby De Castro Brown, Principal - Ivy League Christian Academy, VA Beach, VA 

"Very talented and diligent girl boss! I had the opportunity to meet this young entrepreneur at a workshop she helped facilitate. The products are amazing! My favorite is the Bee Sweet Honey Almond sugar scrub and body balm."

~Angela H., Virginia Beach, VA

"IT Girl Essentials are top grade quality products. My family and I enjoyed the all-natural and pleasant fragrances."~ Keela M., San Diego, CA

"I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVVVVVEEEE these beauty products!💄😎 I have purchased similar items for big, reputable brands but, honestly, they don't work as well and cost 3x (or more) what these do. From dryness (especially during the cold seasons or when your skin peels) to when products irritate your skin or your (sic) suffering from sunburn and you want to prevent the inflammation, stinging and peeling. These have done the trick IMMEDIATELY and kept my skin smooth and healthy. I love the fact that these are created and made by a young girl! Thank you for the Holiday new scents! I LOVED those!" 

~Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru

"Amazing products. All natural and wonderfully scented. Perfect if you have sensitive skin or skin issues." ~ Angelo S., San Diego, CA